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The Rarest Nissan Figaro in the World!  
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Nissan Figaro...Now Introducing: The rarest of them all



A Fully Refurbished Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro ready to be shipped to the new lucky owner!

In 1991 Nissan manufactured the now iconic and highly desirable Nissan Figaro. It fast became a 'cult retro classic' and highly sought after Worldwide, the beauty and sheer class of the car coupled with the very limited manufacture of only 20,200 units has made it even more desirable and consequently, valuable. All 20,200 were made in Right Hand Drive......or were they? All Figaro enthusiasts have seen the LEFT Hand Drive Lapis Grey that was on display in the Moscow Motor show some years back. Some have even said it was clever photography, but it has since been proven to exist..and in LEFT Hand Drive. The sale price? There isn't one. It is not for sale confirms the owner, at any price.

There has since been a few more to emerge Globally, 8 of them Lapis Grey, a few in green and a blue. Only 3 are believed to exist in Baby (or Duck Egg) Blue and a couple in Topaz Mist. And guess what, We supplied them all! We are the only know supplier of Nissan Figaro in Left Hand Drive!

The first Left Hand drive Nissan Figaro were fully refurbished and prepared and made available for sale during the spring of 2013. The value of all good Nissan Figaro appreciates annually, if you own a rarer colour its value is naturally more. Imagine a wonderful fully refurbished retro Nissan Figaro in LEFT Hand Drive! Name your price, they are so rare you can name your own!.

In 2012 we supplied 2 Nissan Figaro in Left Hand Drive, 4 in 2013, 4 in 2014 & only 2 in 2015. We supplied 6 in 2016 and will supply 10 on 2017, the work involved is extensive, intricate and costly. We will ship to any port Worldwide** (See Bottom of Page) for additional charge at cost. To be able to secure one of the Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro for this year and beyond you need to email us your interest. We have already supplied several orders to the United Stated that have lifted import age restrictions on the Nissan Figaro, hence American customers are now buying and driving their dream car in the USA! With 30 million additional extra customers entering the market place the value of these cars can only increase.

Each of our Nissan Figaro whether in right or left hand drive receive a FULL refurbishment! That includes (but is not limited to - * see more at bottom of page) full body respray, full interior removal and renewal / refurbishment, new roof, new rear window panel surround, tonneau cover, all chrome replaced or re-chromed, under-body fully rustproofed treated, new left hand drive headlights. full engine major service inc new water pump, tensioners, timing belt, filters etc. All other mechanics and electrics checked and replaced where necessary. Want to see? here is a short video of what is just a short part of why we are the Worlds best Nissan Figaro supplier: Nissan Figaro Figs4u

Here below are some photographs of the Baby Blue car before we commenced the cosmetic and engine work. We shall of course be supplying more Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro (also the Loch Ness Monster and a Golden Unicorn is on our 'Wish List' ) ... STOP PRESS**. We are now taking orders for next batch of 3 left hand drive Nissan Figaro. They will be extremely sought after, to be able to secure a left hand drive Nissan Figaro you will need to email us ASAP and express a desire to be sent details. The next 2 batches we hope to have 1x of each of the 4 colours plus 2 further of the customer's bespoke choice.


See photos below of a lovely Baby Blue Left hand Drive Nissan Figaro currently in dry storage for our US Customer, it has now been shipped and he has the car driving it in the USA. Contact us for further details via email link: Click Here to Email or call Freefone 0800 634 7576 & International +44 207 9934785

Left hand Drive Nissan Figaro Nissan Figaro Left Hand Drive view of the steering and dashboard steering wheel and surround


dashboard and original CD player Inner door panels with all controls set for LHD Drivers side inner door


The above Left Hand Drive Figaro now fully refurbished and having now gone to its new home.

Nissan Figaro in Left hand Drive, a dream for many, a reality for the few!


A Green Example in Left Hand Drive!

The latest left hand drive model to emerge side view the interior view This beauty is one of only a few Worldwide! Shown here prior to total refurbishment by Figs4u.

The Green Nissan Figaro in Left Hand drive at the Bristol Garage, UK The interior after refurbishment at our Bristol Garage The above Left Hand Drive Green Figaro having been fully refurbished by Figs4u. Truly Immaculate! If you want additional photos in higher resolution please contact us via email direct. Many thanks for your interest. We are now taking the next batch of 3 car orders.

left hand drive nissan figaro in topaz mist front cockpit area of the left hand drive figaro totally refurbished front seats of the topaz mist One of only 3 Topaz Mist Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro in the World, all 3 are owned by Figs4u

 left hand drive topaz on Limassol beach, cyprus showing interior of left hand drive figaro  left hand drive nissan figaro on Limassol beach  The 3rd Topaz Mist Nissan Figaro in left hand drive completed and ready for its new owner.

Figs4u have supplied many Nissan Figaro to the USA and Canada over the last couple of years and continue to supply the USA and Canada Nissan Figaro in fully refurbished condition, the quality of our cars far exceeds the quality available elsewhere. If you want the very best Nissan Figaro for the USA or Canada in fully refurbished condition there really is only one stop, Figs4u. Please feel free to email us or call from the USA or Canada for any advice and arrange to have a fully refurbished Nissan Figaro shipped to any USA or Canada port you chose. Remember we have Nissan Figaro in Right or left Hand Drive, fully refurbished and even totally bespoke to your order!
You can also follow Figs4u on FaceBook and see the cars being fully refurbished. See here and subscribe to get notifications of updates etc. Figs4u on FaceBook

* The refurbishment includes but is not limited to:

Cosmetic refurbishment

Dashboard top re-trimmed as necessary

  Front and rear Seats removed and either re-trimmed or reconalised, new foam and side piping.

Head rests made good as required.

  Carpets cleaned and re-dyed.

  Total Interior removed, and all panels cleaned and re-coloured as new.

New Handbrake cover fitted

  All chrome removed cleaned and treated. Rust proofed and re-chromed as required.

All bumper nuts and bolts replaced with new chrome parts.

  Wheel trims removed, cleaned and re-painted as original.

  All exterior white trim re-painted as original.

  Original Figaro CD stereo refurbished by Clarion, Level 1, New 200 watt door speakers.

  Air conditioner re­-gassed and updated to R134A.

  Underside of car totally rust proofed

  New roof ­and rear window surround

  Rear Tonneau Cover

New LHD Headlights, chrome surrounds and eyelids fitted (On the LHD Model)

Car exterior totally rubbed down, treated and re-sprayed as original. Polished and waxed.


Mechanical Work

All electrics and mechanics checked and made good where necessary.


Fuel, air and oil filter changed

Engine flushed and new oil

New AC, alternator and power-steering belts

New distributor Cap & rotor arm

New HT Leads

New sparkplugs

New CV joints

New front brake discs and pads

New rear brake shoes

Outer track rod ends

New thermostat

New Turbo - braded oil feed pipe

New timing belt, water pump and tensioner

Engine set up and tested


Additional Optional Extras:


  1. Restored radiator/ re-cored, pressure tested and repainted ($300)
  2. 4x new and upgraded gas shock absorbers ($300)
  3. Silicone hose replacement ($300)
  4. 120 watt hi-power amplifier, fits under seats ($200)

** Algys Autos (Figs4u) can supply any colour Nissan Figaro fully refurbished in either Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive to any port Worldwide. Please check with your customs and registration authorities to ensure you are permitted to import / register. Different Countries have different regulations and they do vary between each Country and Registration Authority.

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