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Exclusive to Ireland Customers

(Registered Offices in Japan, Cyprus and the UK)

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Nissan Figaro for Ireland Customers


Welcome to Figs4u, the Worlds largest Nissan Figaro dealership. Our cars represent only the finest quality and all are imported directly to you via our Japan Garages. All are individually hand-picked by our experienced Japan staff. We only select low mileage and premiere condition examples. For full details on the colour variants see examples on the home page, we can also offer you are famous Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro or indeed any colour that you wish!

Figs4u can offer you 3 totally different options in the method of purchase exclusive to Ireland customers:

  1. Purchase a fully refurbished car from our Bristol Garage
  2. Purchase an un-refurbished but top quality car direct from our Japan Garages delivered to Dublin port
  3. Purchase a fully re-furbished personally selected colour from our Cyprus Garage delivered to Dublin port

The 3 Methods are designed to suit your individual requirements and are outlined in detail below:

  • Bristol Garage Fully refurbished cars: These cars are imported direct into our Bristol garage from our Japan Garages and then undergo an extensive full refurbishment programme before you collect from the garage. There are many daily flights from Dublin to Bristol airport and Figs4u will arrange your collection from the airport. We are located on ther M5 Motorway and it is a simple drive to the ferry port at Holyhead for the Dublin connection. All cars are Vat and Duty paid and UK registered so perfectly road legal to drive back to Ireland. Click here to see the details of the Nissan Figaro being fully refurbished

nissan figaro in topaz mist, the rarest colour

  • Direct Imported to Dublin fron Japan: These cars are the very same cars we import from our Japan Garages to UK for reurbishment. They are top quality and will have had any minor damaged parts replaced before shipment. They are sent direct from Japan to a local Dublin garage for your collection and offered at cost price plus a commission charge. This represents by far the best value for money to customers in Ireland. It generally means that as the cars are not going to be refurbished your budget can be used on purchasing a lower mileage example than you could not otherwise afford. We send all details, a full report and comprehensive photographs before purchase. The cars are supplied to Dublin Ex Vat and Duty. We arrange a clearing agent in Dublin to pay these customs fees and clear the car for you. Your Nissan Figaro is then relaesed from port and secured to await your collection. This method obviously avoids Dealers 'mark-up' profits and expenditure. There is quite simply NO way of purchasing such a top quality Figaro at these prices! Click Here to read about the method to privatly import your Nissan Figaro to Ireland

Baby Blue is the 2nd rarist colour and highly sought after

  • Special Order Colours to Dublin from Cyprus: These cars are supplied to our Cyprus Garage from our Japan garages wherupon they are totally refurbished and sprayed to the colour choice of the customer. The interiors are fully colour coordinated. The cars are supplied delivered to Dublin Port Vat and duty paid. We arrange a clearing agent in to process the car upon arrival in Ireland and customs released ready for your collection. Click here to see an example of a Pink Nissan Figaro being refurbished

emerald green

There is quite simply NO better specialists in Nissan Figaro than Figs4u. Please feel free to contact our sales team on 0044(0)1803 391142 or email from here any questions We always have a waiting list for our cars such is the Worldwide demand for our quality.


a diifferent shade of pink nissan figaro interior of a pink figaro attention to detail



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Figs4u supply quality Nissan Figaro at exceptional prices! See Figs4u Nissan Figaro fully restored cars which include new roofs, new leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Nissan Figaro Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro