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Import Scheme for Ireland Customers  
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The Import Scheme:

The Import Scheme is designed for the private individual that wishes to purchase a quality Nissan Figaro direct from Japan and use the car in Ireland at the best possible price. Figs4u are the Worlds largest Nissan Figaro dealership and are able to offer you our expertise and infrastructure to own a top quality low mileage Figaro at unbeatable prices. As a private importer you can legally avoid paying dealership Vat prices and profit margins. Figs4u will offer you top quality Nissan figaro held in our Japan stock awaiting Worldwide departure, show you the impartial Auction sheet, a full range of photographs and our comments. We will offer you the car for cost price plus a 500 Euro commission fee. Now that's a deal you can't refuse! The car will be invoiced in your name and shipped from our Japan Garages to Dublin, upon its arrival in Ireland all the customs clearances will be arranged for you and the car prepared for your collection

For a no obligation chat call us on 0044 1803 391142 or email us from

Take a look around this website and you will soon realise why our cars are in such high demand Worldwide and are well accepted as being the best Nissan Figaro that money can buy....FACT.

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Figs4u is a subsiduary company of Algys Autos Ltd. Figs4u supply quality Nissan Figaro at exceptional prices! See Figs4u fully restored cars which include new roofs, new leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Nissan Figaro Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro for sale