Nissan Figaro Left Hand Drive

In 1991 Nissan manufactured the now iconic and highly desirable Nissan Figaro. It fast became a 'cult retro classic' and highly sought after Worldwide, the beauty and sheer class of the car coupled with the very limited manufacture of only 20,200 units has made it even more desirable and consequently, valuable. All 20,200 were made in Right Hand Drive......or were they? All Figaro enthusiasts have seen the LEFT Hand Drive Lapis Grey that was on display in the Moscow Motor show some years back. Some have even said it was clever photography, but it has since been proven to exist..and in LEFT Hand Drive. The sale price? There isn't one. It is not for sale confirms the owner, at any price.

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The rarest of them all

There has since been a few more to emerge Globally, 8 of them are Lapis Grey, 2 in green, only 3 are believed to exist in Baby (or Duck Egg) Blue and a 3 in Topaz Mist. And guess what, We supplied them all! We are the only know supplier of Nissan Figaro in Left Hand Drive!

The first Left Hand drive Nissan Figaro were fully refurbished and prepared and made available for sale during the spring of 2013. The value of all good Nissan Figaro appreciates annually, if you own a rarer colour its value is naturally more. Imagine a wonderful retro Nissan Figaro in LEFT Hand Drive! Name your price, they are so rare you can name your own!.

In 2012 we supplied 2 Nissan Figaro in Left Hand Drive, 4 in 2013, 4 in 2014 & only 2 in 2015. We supplied 6 in 2016 and 10 on 2017, the work involved is extensive, intricate and costly. We will ship to any port Worldwide** (See Bottom of Page) for additional charge at cost. To be able to secure one of the Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro for this year and beyond you need to email us your interest. We have already supplied several orders to the United Stated that have lifted import age restrictions on the Nissan Figaro, hence American customers are now buying and driving their dream car in the USA! With 30 million additional extra customers entering the market place the value of these cars can only increase. Since 2013 only 2 of our Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro have been re-sold; one was in Portugal for 29,000 Euro (Usd $33,000) and the other was in Florida, USA at $39,500.

The basic retail cost of a good Figaro in Right Hand Drive in the US is around $20,000, we are supplying these incredibly desirable and fast appreciating retro classics in LEFT Hand Drive at $25,000, refurbished to A1 condition and freighted to any USA Port. We naturally sell out as we announce the next orders within days if not hours!

Each of our Nissan Figaro are supplied direct from our Japan Garage as an original Japan car, Grade 4 equivalent and less than 70,000 miles. They are thoroughly inspected and have no major faults. Fully serviced with new filters, water pump, timing belt and fluids (oils). The Figaro is then shipped to any major port of your choice. We can also fully restore at additional charge but many of our customers that see the cars we supply direct from Japan wish to retain the original patina and of course conclude the quality excellent as original.


Including New

  • Fuel, air and oil filter changed
  • Engine flushed and new oil
  • New AC, alternator and power-steering belts - where required upon inspection
  • New spark plugs - where required upon inspection
  • New timing belt, water pump and tensioner
  • Engine set up and tested
  • New Headlights in LHD.

Mechanical Work

All electrics and mechanics checked and made good where necessary.


  • Fully converted to Left Hand Drive
  • All Chrome checked and replaced if damaged
  • All trim checked and replaced if necessary
  • CD Radio - returned to the manufacturer and fully restored
  • New roof and rear window surround
  • Leather seats conalised to look like new!
  • Original Carpets dyed with original colour dyes
  • Exterior bodywork attended to, detailed and professionally cut & polished

Optional Extras

  • Original Cup-holder
  • Original silk seat covers
  • Limited edition plaque (replica)
  • Speaker upgrade
  • Amplifier upgrade
  • Seat conalising spray
  • Carpet dye

The Colour Range

The car came originally in 4 Colours; Baby Blue, Topaz Mist, Emerald Green and Lapis Grey. Figs4u also make a special Edition Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro. We can always supply all colours of Nissan Figaro for sale, this includes any bespoke colour or a fully refurbished Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro.