Nissan Figaro at Figs4u, we are the Worlds Largest dealership.We offer a full range of original colours plus special bespoke colours to order. Each car comes fully refurbished and engine etc fully serviced. The car has 12 months Mot, 12 Months road tax and a 6 month warranty.


Nissan Figaro in Topaz Mist

Nissan Figaro in very rare Topaz Mist

This is an example of the rarest model colour, Topaz Mist. Only 2000 were ever produced and they are now understandably, very sought after and attract a premium due to their clour. The interior trim is colour co-ordinated in dark brown over ivory.

nissan figaro topaz mist nissan figaro topaz mist rear view
nissan figaro topaz mist offside view nissan figaro doors open
nissan figaro topaz mist boot

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Figs4u supply quality Nissan Figaro at exceptional prices! See Figs4u fully restored cars which include new roofs, re-conalised leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro