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The World’s Premier Nissan Figaro Dealership

Figs4u are a subsidiary Company of Algys Autos Imports Ltd. We have registered Offices in Japan, Cyprus and the UK. All our cars are sourced direct from the country of Origin, Japan, via our Japan Garage and NOT from sub-standard UK outlet sites! Figs4u are dedicated solely in the sale of quality Nissan Figaro. Algys Autos are our 'Mother Company' and deal in all Japanese Imported Motorcars. We have imported over 1/3 rd of ALL Nissan Figaro into the UK and are probably the Premier Dealership in the World! We are able to source and supply all Nissan Figaro colours for sale including our famous Pink Nissan Figaro. We will also supply any bespoke colour to order which includes the full refurbishment, new carpets and the interior being colour coordinated! There are many cheaper Nissan Figaro for sale but NOT better! Over 200 man-hours goes into the refurbishment of each one of our cars. Quality Nissan Figaro are appreciating in value in excess of £1000 per annum! Figs4u are are the Worlds only supplier of Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro, see the dedicated webpage link above. For any enquiries simply email or call free on 0800 634 7576. Our Main Garage is in Bristol and we deliver Nationwide via a Transporter, Worldwide delivery is also available.

Figs4u are the World's only supplier of Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro and without doubt the best quality Nissan Figaro available!

Why Figs4u are the
World’s Premier


Figs4u Nissan Figaro are

  • Handpicked in A1 Condition by our Japan Garage (NOT very inferior UK outlets etc).
  • Low Miles and good original condition.
  • Fully major service with new timing belt, all filters, tensioner, water pump, etc.
  • Radios/CD fully serviced / refurbished by specialists.
  • Aircon checked and replenished if necessary.
  • New Roof material and rear window surround.
  • No major faults
  • Body work in A1 Condition.
  • Leather interior professionally Conalised.
  • Retro chrome fog-light - if required.
  • Speedometer in mph - if required.
  • Carpets Re-Dyed in original Colour.
  • Our Figaro can be Fully repainted to bespoke colour orders
  • Interior fully refurbished
  • Nissan Figaro in Left Hand Drive supplied Worldwide!
  • The Colour Range

    The Nissan Figaro came originally in 4 Colours; Baby Blue, Topaz Mist, Emerald Green and Lapis Grey. Figs4u also make a special Edition Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro. We are always able to supply all colours of Nissan Figaro for sale including any bespoke colour to order. All colours are also available in Left as well as right hand drive.