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Welcome to Figs4u

The home of the left-hand drive Nissan Figaro

A leading Nissan Figaro dealer for over 25 years! Supplying an unrivaled range of refurbished left & right hand drive Figaro's globally.

Whether you would like to become an exclusive left hand drive Nissan Figaro owner or purchase a fine refurbished right hand drive Figaro, we will be able to help at Figs4u. We utilise our expertise to create your dream Figaro, and with so many ecstatic customers around the world we are proud to call ourselves the best.

Who are we?

Pale Aqua Animated
Lapis Grey Animated
Emerald Green Animated
Topaz Mist Animated

We are the world's only supplier of the LHD Nissan Figaro, based out of Rochford, Essex. Feel free to ask us any questions about our work. We'd love to explain further.

Figaro Restorations
LHD Figaro
Figaro Parts

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