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  • Can you tell me about the Nissan Figaro?
    Of course! We love talking about Figaro's. The iconic and desirable Nissan Figaro was released in 1991, straight out of Japan where there were 20,200 units made. it quickly became a 'cult-retro classic' which was sought after from all over the world. Fun fact, it was designed by Japanese designer, Shoji Takahashi, who was heavily inspired by Swatch, a company that makes identical watches simply with different colours. The car came fully fitted with fluted leather seats, a retractable roof, CD player and more which are all the features we know and love today. At the time you even had the choice for optional extras such as a cupholder, net tray, lace seat covers etc. The engine is Nissan's MA10ET, a turbocharged 1.0L (987cc). The car features a 3 speed automatic gearbox with a highly efficient full economy. Along with he ability to fit 4 passenger inside. Another fun fact! The Nissan Figaro was originally sold at a price of 1,870,000yen, roughly £10,000GBP and is now a continually appreciating asset as well as a luxury to have.
  • Why should I choose Figs4u to purchase a LHD Figaro?
    We choose quality over quantity. Each order of a left hand drive Nissan Figaro goes through a thorough and vigorous process to ensure luxury and client satisfaction. Aside from this, we are the sole supplier worldwide of the LHD Figaro! We pride ourselves on our ability to purchase refurbish and convert Nissan Figaro's over the last 20+ years, with customers all over the globe to vouch. Each Figs4u LHD Figaro is: - Carefully selected in A1 condition straight out of their home in Japan. - Good, low mileage. - Package dependant, will undergo an extensive refurbishment to include; Complete exterior respray in colour of choice, full interior panels respray, new leathered front & rear seats, brand new seatbelts in colour of choice, full LHD conversion, new bumpers, no rust, refished wheel polos, new roof and rear window panel, and much more... - Complete services - Accommodated with an elite buying experience from start to finish where our priority is always YOU. - Delivery available worldwide.
  • How do I purchase a LHD or RHD Figaro from you?
    We have adapted to create a seamless buying experience for our customers. If you're looking to make an order for any Figaro you can simply contact us via our 'Contact Us' page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Please include details of the Figaro you're looking for and we can discuss our options moving forward from there.
  • After ordering, how long will my Figaro take to be completed?
    For left hand drive Nissan Figaro's we currently have a 4-6 month waiting list from the point of order. This allows us to source the perfect car in Japan, have it converted to LHD, before being shipped back to the UK to undergo its full refurbishment. But don't worry, it's always worth the wait :) As for our bespoke, right hand drive Nissan Figaro's we allow for up to 4 weeks for completion. To allow us to source the car, refurbish and tailor it to our clients exact desired specification. This can then be collected from our workshop directly or can be delivered/shipped worldwide. Finally, for our ready to go Figaro's, these are already sitting in the workshop and ready to become yours in an instant. They are available for collection immediately or we can arrange delivery / shipping at the next availability following purchase.
  • What colour can I have my Nissan Figaro?
    The Nissan Figaro was manufactured out of Japan in 1991, there were 4 original colours they were made in; Topaz Mist (Beige), Pale Aqua (Light Blue), Emerald Green (Green), Lapis Grey (Grey). All of these are great choices however if you want something more exclusive and personal then we offer our bespoke FIgaro's which can be painted in any custom colour you decide by our expert bodywork team!
  • How much will a LHD Figaro cost me?
    Prices for the left hand drive Figaro's vary depending on the level of refurbishment you are wanting. Prices begin at just £26,000GBP for a well refurbished LHD Figaro! We understand this can be a lot of money at one time hence our unique payment scheme. At the point of purchase we will take a 50% deposit of the final total, you will then not pay another penny until the completion of your car upon which you will clear the remaining balance.
  • Where do you ship to?
    Worldwide! We offer delivery nationwide via transporter and for the rest of the world will we deliver by freight to any major port of your choice.
  • How do I clear and register my Figaro if I'm not in the UK?
    When the time comes to shipping your Figaro we will connect you with our shipping agent who will run you through the importing process and help you along the way with any questions or worries you may have. They can even work alongside you to arrange delivery from the port to your door.
  • How can I purchase parts for my Figaro?
    Our partners at Figaro Club ( have an extensive supply of new and used parts available at an unbeaten price. Please contact them for any queries regarding spicing your Figaro up with anything from a new indicator to cupholders and new seats.
  • What if I can't find the answer to my question here?
    Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you have! We work around the clock to get back to you as soon as possible. You can do this via our 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the page here. Email : Tel : +44 7548 193410

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