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Restore Your Figaro Back To Its Prime

If you're looking to bring your Figaro back to its showroom beauty then look no further than our Figs4u restoration services. We pride ourselves on our ability to repeatedly refurbish Nissan Figaro's to a standard straight out of 1991! We transfigure our customers' cars from mediocre to mind-blowing, facilitated by our highly professional workshop team with years of experience in Figaro's.


We've worked tirelessly to streamline our restorations service from when you drop the car to our shop, the check-over process, the quote and finally to the beginning of refurbishment. 

The process will start with a simple check up where we will outline to you a detailed list of areas that can be attended to, to improve the aesthetical & mechanical condition of your Figaro. You will then be able to review the prices for each recommendation and select the desired ones to you.

We will then begin restoring your Figaro and have it back to you, ready to show off in no time!

Think it's time to revive your Figaro? Get in touch for your FREE evaluation today...

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